Some more recent work.

2014-11-30 19:30:40 by solidpawn

It's been a very long time and I've sort of left my Newgrounds page to atrophied. So I'm going in and adding some stuff from my deviant art profile and pulling down some stuff I'm less tha proud of. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Failed experiments...

2012-05-26 18:20:19 by solidpawn

So, there I was the other day thinking about the poor turnout of my self Portrait when I looked back at the first attempt I made at the method. The "Cat in Focus" Picture. This was the first time I had attempted to get pixelated focus in a piece. The only way I could see to do this was to pixelate a real photo and place the original piece on top. Even I thought this looked odd and when I posted on my Deviant art account I wanted feed back. A user under the name MyelinSheath replied saying that it was good but it looked a little fishy. I should have taken this comment to heart. Instead I got cocky and wasted time on work that, on reflection, looks incredibly cheap and lazy. These pieces were "The Eye Has It" "Self Portrait" and "Francisco Scaramanga"(Which I admit to screen capping from my copy of "The Man With The Golden Gun")
I know that this is new grounds meaning that hundreds of people come and go. I was just writing this so that when I inevitably run out of free time. My Pixel art will be remembered for the good looking original pieces and not the lazy work. Thanks for your time!